Seth Thomas Antique Clock Repair

Bill’s Clockworks repairs antique Seth Thomas clocks. We give a two year warranty on wind-up clock repair.

We located in Flora, Indiana (about an hour north of Indianapolis). Besides local repair work, we are happy to have smaller clocks shipped to us for repair (such as mantel clocks and smaller shelf clocks). We are currently repairing pendulum clocks but not clocks with a balance wheel.

Bill's Clockworks takes the time to repair your clock properly. The movement of your clock is disassembled, cleaned and examined. Mainsprings which are too strong are replaced with thinner springs to give your clock long life. The pivots are polished and worn pivot holes are bushed. Other necessary repairs are made and the parts cleaned again. Then the movement is assembled, lubricated, adjusted and tested. We guarantee our work for two years.

Examples of our repair prices are shown below. The price will be higher if there are any damaged gears. At your request we will beautify your clock while keeping the finish original. For about $40 - $80 we will clean the case and touch up the finish. For $50 we will polish and lacquer the bezel of a mantel clock.

Average Prices for Movement Overhaul

8 day time and strike: $550 - $650

1 day time and strike: $500 - $650

8 day time only : $475 - $600

1 day time only: $425 - $500

Two-Year Warranty

We also repair Seth Thomas windup chime clocks.

These prices are for pendulum clocks, either weight driven or spring driven. Any case work will be extra.

The most popular Seth Thomas mantel clock movement is the No. 89. This movement was used in mantel and shelf clocks and from about 1900 to 1940. Before that, a movement with the escapement at the back was used in Seth Thomas mantel clocks. Both of these movements can be overhauled for $475 - $625. The No. 89 movement is one of the best mantel clock movements ever designed. It uses thin mainsprings (about .017") to prevent excessive wear, and makes efficient use of power by having a semi-deadbeat escapement.

Our repair backlog is about 10 months. Please contact us about sending a clock for repair.

The pictures below are examples of antique Seth Thomas clocks we have repaired

Seth Thomas 6 pillar adamantine clock Seth Thomas 8 pillar adamantine clock Seth Thomas 4 pillar adamantine clock Seth Thomas adamantine clock Seth Thomas 6 pillar adamantine clock Seth Thomas 2 pillar adamantine clock

Above: Examples of Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clocks

History of Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clocks
Seth Thomas Kitchen model shelf clock

"Kitchen", 1868 - 1878

Seth Thomas Round Band shelf clock

"Round Band" model, made from ca. 1860 - 1915. This example ca. 1865

Seth Thomas Octagon Top shelf clock

Octagon top, made from ca. 1862 - 1879

See more examples of small shelf clocks

See more ogee examples

History of Seth Thomas ogee clocks and other 30-hour weight clocks

Seth Thomas 30 hour ogee

30 hour ogee or o.g., made from 1842 - 1913

Seth Thomas 30 hour half column clock

30 hour half column

Seth Thomas eight day cornice and column clock

Eight day cornice and column, made from ca. 1860 to 1913

Seth Thomas schoolhouse clock

Drop octagon or schoolhouse clock

Seth Thomas No. 1 extra regulator

Number 1 Extra regulator

Seth Thomas oak cased wall clock

Unidentified wall clock

Packing for Shipping

Note: I recommend shipping only mantel clocks, small shelf clocks and small wall clocks. The larger wall and shelf clocks should be brought to the shop.

Please send the key so I can check how well it fits. I will replace it if it is worn out (I will return the original to you). Please let me know if you need a key.

Before packing the clock, remove the pendulum bob and wrap it and the key in bubble wrap. Gently tape the pendulum rod to the movement to prevent motion, and put padding around the hammers, gong or chime rods inside the clock to immobilize them. On clocks with painted glass in the door, it is best to remove the door (and not send it to me) to prevend damage. Wrap the entire clock in several layers of bubble wrap. Use a box that gives 2 - 3 inches space around the wrapped clock on ALL sides. Put a 2 - 3 inch layer of foam packing peanuts in the bottom of the box. Put in the clock, and fill the space firmly with peanuts. Include the wrapped key and pendulum bob. There should be a slight pressure when closing the box to keep the clock from moving around.

History of Seth Thomas Clock Company

Seth Thomas Clock Company was one of the most prolific and long lived clock companies. The quality of their products was always above average. Seth Thomas must have sold many clocks in the Lafayette, Indiana area, for out of all the antique clocks we repair, about 40% are made by Seth Thomas.

Many American clock factories in the 19th century suffered factory fires but Seth Thomas was fortunate in this respect. Through conservative growth and taking advantage of the new ideas of others, Seth Thomas was able to enjoy financial stability, whereas many other companies faced financial difficulties.

We also repair Seth Thomas windup chime clocks.

Our repair backlog is about 10 months. Please contact us about sending a clock for repair.

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