Antique, Vintage and 400-Day Clocks for Sale

Clocks have fascinated me my whole life. In my teens, I started collecting Baby Ben alarm clocks and repaired my first antique clock after my local clockmaker couldn't make it work reliably. After studying electrical engineering in college, I collected alarm clocks in a big way, and bought some antique shelf clocks. Alarm clocks accumulated, and now I need to move some out, especially non-Westclox clocks. I am keeping a large Westclox research collection, and some Telechron electrics, but I don't need to keep other makes of alarm clocks, and there are dozens of Telechron and GE electric clocks I want to sell.

I currently have several antique American wall clocks to sell, and a few antique mantel clocks. I price many of the antique clocks for sale two ways:

As-is, running: They are working fine and appear to be in good enough condition to run for several years. I give a 90-day money back warranty on these.

Overhauled with Two-Year Warranty: I've given these my standard, high-quality overhaul.

I encourage you to visit my shop. Please call 574-967-4709 or e-mail to set up an appointment. There are so many small clocks that I haven't had time to list them, but there are pictures of them in the Vintage Alarm & Small Clocks section.

Antique and Vintage & Small Clocks For Sale

See the Antique Wall & Mantel Clocks for Sale

See the Vintage Alarm & Small Clocks for Sale

400-Day (Anniversary) Clocks for Sale

I have about a dozen 400-day clocks for sale that are running well, but I have not overhauled. On most of these, I replaced the suspension spring, oiled the escapement and did minor adjustments. I expect them to run for at least several years with no problem. If one of these fails within 90 days, you may return it for a refund (except for shipping).

These 400-day clocks are from the 1950s. The makers are mostly Schatz and Kundo.

I priced them from $175 to $225. I encourage local pickup, but can ship a clock and its dome for around $70 (I ship the dome in a separate box to avoid shipping damage). When I ship the clock, if shipping costs less than I charge you, I'll refund the difference.

Below are some pictures. Please call or e-mail me for more information.