Schatz Cuckoo Clock Repair

Schatz introduced their first cuckoo clocks in 1950. They are 8-day clocks with time and cuckoo (no music). The case designs include maple leaf, oak leaf, hunting, and multi-color. A Schatz cuckoo clock may be identified by a brass logo saying "Schatz 8 Day" on the front of the clock (the S in Schatz looks like an L and so it is not uncommon for the clock to be called a Lchatz instead of a Schatz). If you look inside the back of the clock, the rear of the movement will have a round logo with "50" or "KU50" in the center.

Schatz maple leaf cuckoo clockSchatz oak leaf cuckoo clockSchatz hunting cuckoo clockSchatz multi color cuckoo clockSchatz cuckoo clock case logo 8-day
Above: Schatz maple leaf, oak leaf, hunting, and multi-color cuckoo clocks. Note that the first 3 pictures don't show the top piece of the case. On the bottom right is a close-up photo of the brass Schatz logo on the case front. It says "Schatz 8 Day". On some clocks the logo is located on the cuckoo door, and on some it is above the dial.

Bill's Clockworks is in Flora, Indiana (about an hour north of Indianapolis). If you are too far away to visit us, we'll be happy for you to send your Schatz cuckoo clock to us for repair. Packing and shipping instructions are given below.

Prices To Repair Schatz Cuckoo Clocks

$550 to $650 to overhaul the movement, assuming that there are no damaged gears. We take the time to repair your clock properly. We disassemble, clean and examine the movement. We burnish or polish the pivots, install bushings in worn pivot holes, check all parts for proper operation, and do a final cleaning. Then we assemble, lubricate, adjust and test it. We guarantee our work for two years.

Bellows recovering: If the bellows (the top part of the whistles making the coo-coo sound) need recovering, that will be $50 each (there are 2 of these in the clock).

New Hands: $50. The price includes making a new hub for the minute hand (the original hub is usually too small).

$50 return shipping & insurance (continental US).

There is a two-year warranty on the overhaul.

Payment: No payment is due until the clock is finished. You may pay by check, online, or call in a credit card number.

Shipping Your Clock to Us

Our repair backlog is about 4 - 5 months. Please contact us about sending a clock for repair.

I am not taking in other makes of cuckoo clock by mail.

Our Address is:

Bill's Clockworks
8 W. Columbia Street
Flora, IN 46929

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (574) 967-4709
Toll-free Phone: 1-888-742-5625

When sending a cuckoo clock, please do not send the weights and top case piece to save on shipping charges and help prevent damage. We do need the clock's pendulum.

Preparing the clock for packing

Open the back. Take two paper clips, straighten them out, then bend into a modified U-shape about 5/8 inches wide. Put one on each of the bellows (whistles) that make the cuckoo sound (see photos below). This will keep the bellows closed and prevent the tops from tearing loose.

A paper clip made ointo a bellow clamp
A bellow clamp made from a paper clip.
Bellow clamps on the bellows
Near Top: bellow clamps installed on the two bellows.

Cut a square of paper towel and put it between the coils of the gong on the back, so the gong won't rattle during shipping.

Put a thin wire through the chains where they enter the case, to keep them from coming off the chain wheels.

The best packing is to wrap the clock well in 5 - 6 layers of bubble wrap. Put the wrapped clock in a box with 2 - 3 inches of space on all sides filled with packing peanuts. Do not use Styrofoam sheets because they will disintegrate, getting particles all over everything. Wrap the pendulum in bubble wrap.

Schatz cuckoo clocks have some interesting features:

Here are photos of the movement and gears inside a Schatz cuckoo clock:

Schatz cuckoo clock movementSchatz cuckoo clock gears

Here is a video of a Schatz cuckoo clock:

Notice that the door stays open but the bird goes in and out and bobs up and down (on other cuckoo clocks the bird stays out while cuckooing):