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Welcome to Bill's Clockworks. I'm Bill Stoddard, and clocks are my passion. I repair American antique clocks, German 400-day (Anniversary) clocks, and other clocks, as shown on my Clock Repair page. I sell Hermle wall and mantel clocks online, and vintage and antique clocks in my shop. When I overhaul a clock, I do it properly, including polishing or burnishing pivots and making sure the mainsprings in American antique clocks are not too strong, to give your heirloom clock a long life.

See my blog for examples of clocks I've repaired and how I choose mainsprings for American Antique clocks.

Please e-mail me (for the most immediate response), or call me at 574-967-4709 or toll-free at 888-742-5625 to talk to me about clock repair or buying a clock.

I've been repairing clocks full-time since 1995 and have enjoyed owning and studying antique clocks since I was a boy.

Clock Repair

Schatz London Coach 400-Day ClockSchatz standard 400-day clock dated 10 54 (October 1954)

400-Day Anniversary Clock Repair

Schatz-1000 Day Clock Repair

Seth Thomas tambour mantel clock

American Antique Clock Repair

Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clockSeth Thomas walnut parlor clock

Seth Thomas Antique Clock Repair

Seth Thomas chiming mantel clock with No. 124 movementSeth Thomas chiming mantel clock with No. 124 movement

Seth Thomas Chime Clock Repair

Schatz maple leaf cuckoo clockSchatz oak leaf cuckoo clock

Schatz Cuckoo Clock Repair

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wag on wall clocks

Wag-On-Wall Clocks

Hermle 70820 wall clock

Spring-Driven Wall Clocks

Weight-Driven Wall Clocks

Hermle 70809 wall  clock

Quartz Wall Clocks

Hermle windup astrolabium and tellulurium clocks

Astrolabium and Tellurium Clocks

Hermle 21130 mantel clock

Windup Chiming Mantel Clocks

All Windup Mantel Clocks

Hermle 21132 mantel clock

Quartz Chiming Mantel Clocks

All Quartz Mantel Clocks

Hermle ships bell clock

Ship's Bell Clocks

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Antique Wall & Mantel Clocks for Sale

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