Vintage Alarm & Small Clocks for Sale

My major hobby is collecting and studying Westclox alarm clocks, particularly Big Bens and Baby Bens. In the 1980s, I bought boxes full of alarm clocks at NAWCC regional conventions, flea markets and antique stores. Besides Westclox, I collected Telechron and GE electric clocks, and other alarm clocks as well. Now, I have way too many clocks and am downsizing.

The pictures below show the clocks I brought into the sales area of my clock shop in the spring and summer of 2023. There are so many clocks that I haven't made a list of them. I invite you to visit my shop and browse. Please call 574-967-4709 or e-mail to set up an appointment.

I'm selling about 44 Telechron and General Electric clocks, several Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks, and dozens of Westclox that I haven't sorted and brought out yet. There are various wind-up and electric alarm clocks, many for sale cheaply as-is. Please look through the pictures below and come over to see what I have!

Feel free to ask questions about any of the clocks you see here. I've already sold some, and have more to bring out.

Most of these I will price reasonably (cheaply!) if you buy them in person, and I give quantity discounts! Many are not running and will make wonderful decorative items or great additions to a collection.

#2410 Books, as-is alarm clocks, original Schatz 400 day clock box.
#2411 Four Baby Bens that run well and two 8 day alarm clocks. Telechron timer, Waltham electric and a Telechron alarm clock.
#2412 Seth Thomas Adamantine (also shown on Antique Clocks for Sale page), misc. electric clocks.
#2413 Telechron and GE electric alarm clocks.
#2415 Telechron alarm clocks, one Hammond, a NOS Seiko ladies self-winding wrist watch, some Seth Thomas Sangamo manual-start electric clocks, a Telechron defrost timer, etc.
#2416 A Big Ben Style 1a with G. V. Brown, Flora, Indiana on dial; Telechron electric alarm clocks.
#2417 Misc. clocks, some that were shown in the two pictures above.
#2419 Misc. Telechron electric wall clocks.
#2424 Allied 333 vacuum tube receiver by Pioneer $225, works well except for FM stereo. Onkyo A/V receiver TX-854 100 watts per channel, works well, $125. Revere Telechron electric chime clock.
#2425 Seth Thomas electric tambour, 1930s, cast front case with new battery movement, Standard Electric unit with Telechron motor, Kundo 400 day clock.
#2426 Seth Thomas 8-day alarm clock, misc. 8-day alarm clocks, electric range timers (bottom shelf).
#2427 Misc. small clocks (the smiley and frowny clock are sold).
#2428 Misc 8-day alarm clocks, 1930s digital electric clocks, two defrost timers.
#2430 Misc. clocks (the tape measure clock is sold). The clock second from left at top is a neat old Bakelite case electric clock for $10 (as-is) (in person pickup), the one on the bottom right is a great old Waterbury electric for $10 (as-is). The alligator is a decoration for the shop.
#2431 Seth Thomas 1930s mantel clock, $600 overhauled & guaranteed. General Electric chime clock, 1950s, $550 overhauled with 1 year warranty.
#2432 Top shelf: misc. electric clocks, as-is, $5 each or make a deal for the entire shelf! Bottom shelf: three Telechrons and a windup alarm clock.
#2434 Top shelf: misc. electric clocks, as-is, $5 each or make a deal for the entire shelf! Bottom shelf: Telechron case, Telechron timer, Ingraham 8-day alarm ($5 as-is), Seth Thomas manual start electric, 1930s.
#2436 1930s barrel manual start electric, three misc. 1930s electric clocks.
#2800 1950s Telechron electric clocks.
#2801 Westclox "Silent Knight" and Telechron timer.
#2802 1950s Telechron electric clocks and an appliance timer.
#2803 1950s Telechron electric alarm clock and two Telechron timers.
#2804 1950s Telechron electric clocks.
#2805 1940s - 1950s Telechron electric clocks.
#2807 1960s - 1960s Telechron electric clocks.
#2808 1930s timer and Bakelite case Telechron.
#2809 1930s Telechron wood case electric clocks.