Instructions for Hermle Skeleton One Weight Wall Clock Movement W701/W791

Open carton and unpack clock carefully. Take off any transportation security devices (rubber band, foam rubber, etc.)

Starting the Clock

Hang the clock on the wall and be sure that the clock hangs vertically (straight). It is best to hang it on a wood screw that goes into a wall stud.

The chain has a ring on one end and a hook on the other end. Above the hook you will find a stop ring. Hang the weight on the hook.


Pull the ring end of the chain down to make the weight go up. Stop pulling when the stop ring touches the bottom of the case. The clock is now fully wound. Wind the clock once per week (or more often if the weight gets close to the floor before 7 days).

Hanging the Pendulum

The pendulum intermediate part is at the bottom rear of the movement. The end of the pendulum intermediate part has a special opening for the hook on the top of the pendulum (see drawing below). With the polished/brushed part of the pendulum disc in front, hook the pendulum onto the pendulum intermediate part.

Starting the Pendulum

Move pendulum gently to one side until the pendulum stick is touching the side of the opening of the case and release it. If the clock stops after a few minutes, repeat the same procedure.

Setting the Time

To set the correct time move minute hand (long hand) to the desired time. This can be done clockwise or counterclockwise. On every full hour the clock will strike once. If the weight is fully up the clock will run approximately one week. Please wind up the weight regularly as mentioned above.

Hanging the pendulum

Regulating the Clock

This type of clock will typically keep time to within several minutes per week. The timekeeping can be regulated by means of the nut at the bottom of the pendulum (see drawing). Turn front of nut to right to speed up clock, and to the left to slow it down. One full turn changes the rate by about 45 seconds per day. Hold the pendulum disc so that the pendulum won't be twisted when you turn the nut.