Instructions for the Miniature Carriage Clock

This clock is a finely made example of a mechanical (windup) carriage clock with top mounted platform escapement. It runs 8 days on a winding and has 11 jewels.

Spring winding:

Insert large end of key onto steel winding square 1 and turn counter-clockwise. It will take about 3 turns, wind until it is tight, but do not use excessive force. Wind it fully every 7 days.

Set the time:

Put small end of key onto small steel setting square 2, turning either clockwise or counterclockwise to move the hands to the correct time.


If the timekeeping is off by more than 5 minutes per week, you can make a slight adjustment to the regulator (see photo below). Move it slightly toward + to speed up the timekeeping, or toward - to slow it down. Changes in temperature can affect the timekeeping of the clock.

Instructions for carriage clock