Instructions for Hermle Skeleton Mantel Clock with 8-Day or 14-Day Pendulum Key Wound Movement 701, 711, 721 or 791

Single hour strike on one bell

1) Unpack the clock

Take the clock, pendulum and key carefully out of the carton.

2) Transportation securing device

Carefully remove the protective packaging such as foam rubber and rubber bands, to release hammer and pendulum leader.

3) Wind up the clock

Please wind your clock fully every 7 days for optimum performance (the clock will actually run about 14 days on one winding). To wind the clock hold the pendulum to one side and push key onto the winding square. Turn key clockwise until fully wound (approximately 3 1/2 turns after one week of running).

4) Attaching the pendulum

Hang the pendulum onto the pendulum leader, located at the front of the movement (see illustration).

5) Starting the pendulum

Move pendulum gently to left or right side until pendulum leader is touching the hour shaft. Let the pendulum swing so you can hear an even "tick tock" sound.

If pendulum should stop, just push it again all the way to the left or right and release it. This may also be necessary after winding up the clock.

6) Time and strike setting

Move the minute hand (long hand) clockwise or counterclockwise to set the clock to the correct time. The clock will strike the bell once on each hour.

7) Regulating the clock

The clock is regulated by turning the regulating nut below the pendulum (see illustration below). When turning the nut please hold pendulum disc so that it does not twist.

To make the clock run slower - turn the regulating nut to the left.

To make the clock run faster - turn the regulating nut to the right.

One turn of the regulating nut changes the clock's rate by approximately 2 minutes per day. An accuracy of 2 - 5 minutes per week is typical.

Showing where the pendulum hands on the pendulum leader, and location of winding square

Showing where the pendulum hangs on the pendulum leader, the location of winding square, and which way to turn the regulating nut.