Wall and Mantel Clock Chime and Strike Sounds

You may click the buttons below to hear samples of Hermle and Sternreiter clocks chiming and striking. It is not possible for a computer recording to capture the richness of sound of the actual clocks, but these samples will give you an idea of what the clocks sound like, and their relative loudness. Due to manufacturing variations, the tone will vary from clock to clock.

Mechanical Ship's Bell Clock

Quartz Chime/Bim-Bam Clocks with External Speaker

Quartz Chime/Bim-Bam Clocks with Internal Speaker (not as loud as with external speaker)

Westminster Chime Tambour Mantel Clocks

21153 Westminster Chime Mantel Clock

Triple Chime Tambour Mantel Clocks

Westminster Chime Bracket Mantel Clock

Westminster Chime Wall Clocks, Spring Driven

Westminster Chime Wall Clocks, Spring Driven

Bim Bam Striking Wall Clocks

Coil Gong Striking Clocks

Skeleton Mantel Clocks

Skeleton Wall Clocks

Two Bell Bim-Bam Striking Clocks

Westminster Chime Wall Clocks, Weight Driven

Two Weight Wall Clocks with Coil Gong Strike