Hermle (Franz Hermle and Son), based in Germany's Black Forest, is the world's leading maker of wall and mantel clocks and clock movements. There are many styles to choose from, including windup and battery operated wall and mantel chiming clocks.

Even if you haven't heard of Hermle before, you have probably used one of their clocks. Hermle has made windup chiming movements for Seth Thomas since the 1950's, and makes movements for the major grandfather clock companies including Sligh and Ridgeway. They also made movements for Howard Miller clocks for many years.

Hermle Black Forest Clocks in Amherst, Virginia, manufactures grandfather clock movements, assembles clocks, imports Hermle clocks from Germany, and provides warranty service.

History of Franz Hermle and Son

Nearly one hundred years ago, Franz Hermle began manufacturing and selling mechanical clocks. In 1922, Franz Hermle founded the Franz Hermle Clock Company in Gosheim/Wuerttemberg, Germany. Within ten years the company became known as one of the most modern and efficient manufacturers of clock movements in the clock industry. Franz Hermle and his sons' dedication weathered the effects of WWII and made Franz Hermle and Sohn prosper while other companies capitulated.

The founder, Franz Hermle, died in 1953 and left a modern and prosperous operation to his sons Gebhard, Alfred, Hans and Heinrich Hermle. They have continued to build the company into a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of clocks, and mechanical clock movements.

Now in its third generation, Franz Hermle and Sohn employs over 500 people in four locations in Germany and an additional manufacturing facility, Hermle Black Forest Clocks, in Amherst, Virginia, USA. Hermle exports clocks and clock movements to more than 100 countries worldwide and is dedicated to leading the industry in computerized and automated precision manufactured clock parts and mechanical and quartz movements.


Sternreiter is a mark of true care.

Sternreiter clocks are designed, maintained, and built by craftsmen with over fifty years of experience. The finest case makers and movement builders from around the world combine their talents to produce a line of heirloom timepieces.

In 1935 the Star-Rider logo was synonymous with fine cutlery and flatware. Today Dolf Kamper has resurrected the family-company's logo and placed it as a badge of honor on clocks which he produces with his father Rudi.

The headquarters of Sternreiter clocks is located in Berea, Ohio, USA.

Kieninger clock mechanisms power the best timepieces designed and produced all over the world. Their movements can be found in Howard Miller clocks, Sternreiter clocks, AMS, Schneider, and many more. In addition to these standard factory-produced mechanisms used with other brands, Kieninger offers their own line of bespoke creations of haute horlogerie. We are proud to present these Kieninger brand clocks, with their more highly refined and unique in-house caliber movements, to the American market.

Kieninger was founded in 1912 in the Black Forest of Germany by Joseph Kieninger and is the oldest existing manufacturer of mechanical clock movements in Germany. Since 1917 the company has been located in Aldingen, a charming village between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps. Today the company occupies a 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility, which was newly constructed in 1991 and now employs about fifty dedicated and highly skilled workers and staff.

Rombach & Haas Company (Romba)

The Rombach & Haas Company (Romba) has been producing fine Black Forest cuckoo clocks and shield clocks since 1894. Ingolf Haas and his wife Conny are the fourth generation of family members to run the Rombach & Haas business. Using traditional methods of hand carving from over a century ago, Rombach & Haas ensures that their clocks are made by the most skilled woodcarvers from the highest quality materials. This helps them to produce some of the best (and unique) clocks to come out of the German Black Forest area.

Their workshops are located in Schonach, Black Forest, Germany.

Every Rombach & Haas Black Forest Clock is handmade and offers uncommon character. For many years Romba has enjoyed the distinction of being the number one manufacturer of "Specialized Black Forest Clocks" earned by careful attention to design and time honored traditions in the clockmakers art. Besides cuckoo clocks Romba offers many historical replica clocks that deserve greatest respect. The Black Forest Clock Association (VDS) has awarded Romba clocks with the title "Black Forest Clock of the year" in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005.

Helmut Mayr

Helmut Mayr is a very small specialty workshop that has produced some very fine horological examples.


The name Hettich has become synonymous with the finest clock cabinetry of the Black Forest and the world. Its skilled craftsmen have produced beautiful cases for clockmakers such as Dold and Hermle for many years, and we are pleased to offer a few pieces that come directly from the Hettich shop. The Hettich factory is located deep in the Black Forest of Germany where they have been for over 180 years.

Robert H. Uhrenmanufaktur

Meet Christophe from Robert H. Uhrenmanufaktur.

He's a very special clockmaker in the Black Forest in Germany. He produces our very special models #8365 and #8366. There are very few of these clocks made and each is made by hand - one at a time.

Here is a pictorial on the process of carving the special Long Bahnhäusle and Gothic style cuckoo clocks

Thorunn Arnadottir

Thorunn Arnadottir, born 1982 in Reykjavik, graduated with B.A. in Product Design from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2007.

She has already received international critical and media acclaim and her products have been exhibited internationally. Her Sasa Clock won the New York International Gift Fair’s “Best New Product” in the Accent on Design category 2010. Her projects often aim to encourage the user to break free from their fixed assumptions of the object or phenomenon by asking questions about our society and the culture we live in.

She is currently studying M.A. in Design Products at the Royal College of Arts in London