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Notice: If you received a check from Bill's Clockworks, please see the information below (click here to jump down to it).

Clock Repair

Schatz London Coach 400 Day ClockSchatz standard 400 day clock dated 10 54 (October 1954)

400 Day Anniversary Clock Repair

Schatz 1000 day clock in rectangular caseSchatz 1000 day clock with dome

Schatz 1000 Day Clock Repair

American Antique Clock Repair

Seth Thomas Antique Clock Repair

Schatz Cuckoo Clock Repair

Seth Thomas Chime Clock Repair

Clocks for Sale: Wall, Mantel, Chime, Cuckoo

wag on wall clocks

Wag-On-Wall Clocks

Hermle 70820 wall clock

Spring-Driven Wall Clocks

Weight-Driven Wall Clocks

Hermle 70809 wall  clock

Quartz Wall Clocks

Hermle windup astrolabium and tellulurium clocks

Astrolabium and Tellurium Clocks

Hermle 21130 mantel clock

Windup Mantel Clocks

Hermle 21132 mantel clock

Quartz Mantel Clocks

Hermle ships bell clock

Ship's Bell Clocks

Sale: see our closeouts and specials!

Sales & Specials!

Listen to the Actual Chimes of Wall & Mantel Clocks!

Attention: A scammer is using my business name and address.

If you receive a check or money order in the mail with the following return address:

Bill’s Clockworks
8 W. Columbia Street
Flora, IN  46929

DO NOT cash or deposit the checks - they are fake!

The return address may include the name "John Miller", "Bill's Johnworks" or something else.

These checks didn't come from Bill's Clockworks.

In one case there were 2 fraudulent postal money orders of $950 each, in another case there was a $2000 cashiers check, and in a third case there was a check for $2800!

If you receive any of these fraudulent checks, do the following:

  1. Gather all material and information you have about this, including any phone numbers and e-mail address you have been given;
  2. Take the information to your Post Office, and have them turn it in to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.